Our 24-hour over the ocean Dhiyavaru Bar & Restaurant is a Maldivian treat in itself. Whether you are sipping on a specialty coffee or cocktail or enjoying a dish from our à la carte menu, the surroundings cannot be beaten.

For a spectacular experience, take a trip along our thirty-five meters pier out into the ocean and discover the design to embrace the environment, it has been constructed to work in harmony with the natural world; positioned to maximize the sea breeze and with a high ceiling embellished with ornamental stained glass windows that capture the light, so as to create a unique changing ambiance throughout the day and night, it will keep you cool and refreshed as you relax in this unconstrained, versatile idyll. Open twenty four seven, so you can enjoy those spontaneous moments day or night, our amazing chefs will have something special to match the mood; fine wines, patisseries and pastries, fresh coffee, breakfast, light bites or international favourites. Choose from two tiers of decking to appreciate the picturesque, panoramic views of the glorious turquoise water. Marine life is abundant and a kaleidoscope of color and movement can be seen below the water in the underwater world of the thriving ecosystem as you while away the time over a drink, or a relaxed bite; spotting reef fish and sea creatures, naming stars in the night sky, listening to the ocean or watching the sun go down and then rise again in the morning, in this breath-taking, secluded, slice of paradise.

Opening times:

24 hours

As a courtesy to other guests, we kindly ask men to wear at least a T-shirt and shorts, and women to cover their body to their knees with a sarong or dress. Swimwear is not allowed in the Dhiyavaru Bar & Restaurant.